Professional optometrists with great optical advice begins and ends with Park Ridge Eyewear

"The few wonders of the world exist only for those with the sight to see them"

Charles de Lint

At Park Ridge Eyewear we provide professional optical advice everytime you visit us. We want you to continue to see all the wonders of the world.  That's why we recommend yearly or bi-annual checkups to cater for all visual deficencies. Just to be thorough..

Standard procedures

optometrist glasses and an eye exam

Being thorough and accurate is our standard procedure. We also have procedures in place to perform extensive but not invasive, personal eye- tests, catering for all specific problems.  We believe that when it comes to your eye sight and visual lifestyle, exellence in patient care is most important..

Our Eyetests

eye test
  • Diagnose and treat eye problems and diseases
  • Diabetes
  • Glaucoma
  • Prescribe glasses and/or contact lenses when needed
  • Test colour and depth perception
  • Fit glasses in 1 HOUR 
  • Prescribe contact lenses

Looking good

Nice frames on pretty girl

We have an excellent range of frames spanning from the latest fashion styles to your traditional larger and more practical glasses..With trained friendly professionals waiting to assist you with your choices ,you can be assurred of a,no pressure, experience. Whether you already wear glasses or are looking for your first pair, we’re here with comprehensive optical advice in Park Ridge to get you seeing and looking your best.